2019 Interogo Holding Annual Report Published

Today Interogo Holding AG, a foundation-owned investment group, presented its 2019 Annual Report. In a year marked by uncertainty, Interogo Holding continued to steadily invest. Net profits reached EUR 845m, contracting EUR 11m from 2018. In 2019, Interogo Holding also decided to add long-term equity and infrastructure to its existing investment strategies.


Information from Interogo Holding AG regarding internal sale transaction of H&M shares


Henrik Jonsson new CEO of Interogo Holding from September 2020

The Board of Directors of Interogo Holding AG has appointed Henrik Jonsson as the new CEO of the Interogo Holding group. Henrik Jonsson is today Chief Investment Officer at Interogo Holding and will take up his new position as CEO on September 1st, 2020.



2018 Interogo Holding Annual Report Published

Today Interogo Holding AG presented its 2018 Annual Report. The businesses continued to grow during 2018 with an increase in total assets of 16% and in operating income of 6%.



2017 Interogo Holding Annual Report Published

Interogo Holding AG today presented its 2017 Annual Report. All businesses grew significantly during 2017 with an increase in operating revenue of 73%.


Ingvar Kamprad has passed away

The founder of IKEA, one of the great entrepreneurs of our time, Ingvar Kamprad passed away peacefully at his home in Småland, Sweden on Saturday night (Jan 27) surrounded by his closest family.



New structure of Inter IKEA Group

Since May 2016, the structure of Inter IKEA Group has changed and the business has been divided into two separate groups: one group for the IKEA related business and one group for the investment business. The two groups have separate holding companies, boards and management.