Business and organisation

Interogo Holding group is a foundation-owned international investment business with its parent company in Switzerland. Our purpose is to support our owner, Interogo Foundation, to safeguard the IKEA Concept, which is anchored the IKEA vision: To create a better everyday life for the many people. 

We believe that long-term sustainable competitiveness can only be achieved when businesses create value both for their owners and for other stakeholders, including co-workers, society and the environment.

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Interogo Holding’s business model is decentralised with each business area having a far-reaching responsibility for its own operations.

How we are organised

Our investment strategies include private and long-term equities, real estate, infrastructure and liquid assets.

  • Private equity: we invest globally in the private equity market directly and through funds, secondaries and co-investments.
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  • Real estate: we invest in European real estate markets by focusing on developing and managing assets in the commercial, residential and hotel segments.
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  • Long-term equity: we acquire significant equity holdings in profitable and sustainable European companies. The strategy includes listed, soon-to-be listed and private companies.
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  • Infrastructure: we acquire holdings in infrastructure companies that are recession resilient and have stable cash-flows.
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  • Liquid assets: we invest globally in a portfolio of listed securities, mainly equities and fixed income.
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Interogo Holding’s operational structure is built around Inter Fund Management* (“IFM”) as investment platform, an Alternative Investment Fund Manager, authorized and regulated by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier ('CSSF').

In this structure, the investment advisory teams, IH International Advisors, IH Long-Term Equity Advisors and IH Infrastructure Advisors operate as advisors to IFM, performing deal origination, investment due diligence, investment recommendations and investment monitoring. The liquid asset strategy is managed by a dedicated team within IFM.

Nalka Invest and Vastint manage their investments and assets directly and are not integrated in the investment platform.

Interogo Holding AG is also a co-shareholder, contributing capital and loan, in Inter IKEA Holding B.V. Our non-voting-shares gives the right to potential dividends. Interogo Foundation is the controlling shareholder in Inter IKEA Holding B.V.

In addition, Interogo Holding group provides treasury services, including lending and borrowing, for its own subsidiaries and the Inter IKEA Group. These activities are carried out through Interogo Holding AG (Switzerland). Various group services are also carried out through Inter Holding Services SA (Belgium).

Ownership structure

Ownership structure

Our entrepreneurial heritage calls on us to never stand still, dare to be different and be open for new ideas.