Caring for people and planet

Our business is guided by our values and our Småland legacy of making the best possible use of the limited resources available. 

Caring for people and planet is essential to Interogo Holding. We have a long-term business perspective and believe that responsibility and profitability depend on each other.

Only if we take responsibility are we able to be profitable long-term. And we can only secure our ability to take long-term responsibility by being profitable.

“The time of savage capitalism is over! The future needs to be built on a market economy, where social responsibility plays an important role. Raw, uncaring capitalism does not survive in the long run. Your contribution to building a caring capitalism will be needed.” 
Ingvar Kamprad, "My thoughts to a future entrepreneur", October 2005

We are convinced that companies with strong sustainability practices, over the long-term, generate better returns, and that this relationship will only strengthen over time