Interogo Foundation, based in Liechtenstein and established in 1989, is the ultimate owner of Inter IKEA Group and Interogo Holding.

Interogo Foundation is an Enterprise Foundation (Unternehmensstiftung) with legal personality under Liechtenstein law. Interogo Foundation’s main purpose is to secure the independence and longevity of the IKEA Concept, and to own and govern Interogo Holding and Inter IKEA Group.

Ownership structure

The ideas underlying the IKEA Concept are described by the IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad in The testament of a furniture dealer which is anchored in the IKEA vision:

“To create a better everyday life for the many people.”

The IKEA vision

Interogo Foundation shall also hold a financial reserve for rainy days for when the IKEA Concept at some time in the future were to face serious challenges. Interogo Holding, the investment business, provides the financial reserves required to secure independence and longevity.

Interogo Foundation is a self-owned entity, and there is no, nor can there be, any individual beneficiary. Funds held by the foundation can only be used in accordance with the foundation’s purpose.

Visit www.interogofoundation.com for more information.