Interogo Holding AG

Business in brief

Interogo Holding AG group is an international investment business with its parent company based in Switzerland.

The overall purpose of Interogo Holding AG group is to manage investments with the aim of creating financial stability and long-term value. This is to support the independence and longevity of our sole shareholder, Interogo Foundation, and to ensure the ability to invest in the IKEA concept in both good times and bad.

We aim to achieve financial stability and attractive returns by focusing on sectors and strategies where we can benefit from our long-term approach, financial strength and openness to consider a broader set of non-financial factors. We focus on Non-listed Equity, Real Estate, Long-term Equity and Financial Investments.

Interogo Holding AG is also a non-controlling shareholder, contributing capital and loan, in Inter IKEA Holding B.V. The controlling shareholder in Inter IKEA Holding B.V. is Interogo Foundation. In addition, Interogo Holding AG group is performing treasury activities, including lending and borrowing, for its own subsidiaries and the Inter IKEA Group.

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