The culture and values of Interogo Holding reflect the entrepreneurial spirit of the late Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA.

Our culture is rooted in the IKEA values and this can clearly be seen in how we relate to each other. Småland is characterised by a stony and rather rugged landscape where the inhabitants were often forced to get by on small means and make use of the scarce resources at their disposal.

The stonewalls of Småland, the symbol of our heritage, were the result of hard work, commitment and togetherness. It was a heavy and tiring task to dig out and pick up the stones from the soil, but vitally necessary as it enabled the local people to cultivate the land. It was a lesson in the true value of working together.

Smålanders have a reputation for being thrifty and innovative with a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to problem solving in general and to business challenges in particular. This Småland legacy is built into the IKEA culture and values, all over the world. 

In the practical business world of today our values encourage a constant desire for renewal and improvement, as well as a cost-conscious mind-set in all areas of operations. They also promote a willingness to give and take responsibility, to care for people and the planet and dare to be different with a meaning. Humbleness in approaching our tasks and simplicity in our way of doing things are also cornerstones of our culture. 

In 1976 Ingvar Kamprad wrote "The testament of a furniture dealer" to explain the IKEA vision:

“To create a better everyday life for the many people”

The testament and IKEA vision are still – and will continue to be – an inspiration and guidance for the future.

The IKEA spirit is based on the belief that no method is more effective than to lead by example. We believe each co-worker is important, and that by working together, “tillsammans” in Swedish, we can really make a difference. 

We believe the fear of mistakes is the root of bureaucracy and the enemy of development. Bureaucracy also tends to increase fear of mistakes.

“Only while sleeping one makes no mistakes”

Ingvar Kamprad

The IKEA values have proven to be viable in an international context and we strongly believe that they are one of the most important factors behind our achievements. By keeping them alive and well rooted in our work, we can continue to turn future challenges into opportunities. Our entrepreneurial heritage calls on us to never stand still, dare to be different and be open for new ideas. As Ingvar Kamprad said at the end of the "The testament of a furniture dealer": Most things still remain to be done.