Corporate governance

We believe good corporate governance begins with having co-workers who share both our culture and commitment to continuously strengthen our group as a reliable and trustworthy partner. Among other things, this means leading by example and always staying close to reality and our businesses.

We also recognise that governing structures, risk management and internal control are core functions of a successful business and decisive for our ability to uphold trust towards our many stakeholders.

The business of Interogo Holding is governed by the general meeting, the Board of Directors, the CEO and the external auditor. At the General Meeting of shareholders, the owner, Interogo Foundation, elects the Board of Directors and, upon proposal by the Board of Directors, the external auditor. The Board of Directors appoints the CEO.

The Board has a central role in Interogo Holding’s decentralised business model as an asset manager and active owner. Among other things it is responsible for strategy, capital allocation and major issues related to the investment activities. It has the ultimate responsibility for the organisation and administration of Interogo Holding. The work within the Board is guided by a documented working process.

The Board has appointed an Audit Committee whose primary purpose is to provide oversight of the financial reporting process, the audit process, the systems of internal controls and risk management, and compliance with laws and regulations. The Audit Committee particularly fulfils the following functions: review of significant accounting and reporting issues, review of the Audit reports, reinforcement of points raised by the auditor, determination of the audit focus points and key risks together with the auditor, discussions of the efficiency of the internal control system including risk management, appraisal of the performance, remuneration and independence of the external auditors and support to the Board of Directors in the nomination of the external auditor for proposal to the General Meeting. The Audit Committee reports to the Board of Directors of Interogo Holding AG.

The CEO is responsible for Interogo Holding’s operative activities in according with the adopted strategy and instructions set by the Board. The business model is decentralised and the businesses each have far-reaching responsibilities for their own operations. The governance and supervision of the businesses are based on structures including Boards of Directors, Supervisory Boards and Investments Committees.

Interogo Holding AG is owned by Interogo Foundation in Liechtenstein.

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