2017 Interogo Holding Annual Report Published

Interogo Holding AG today presented its 2017 Annual Report. All businesses grew significantly during 2017 with an increase in operating revenue of 73%.

“Market conditions continued to be favourable for our businesses in 2017. We believe that by having a long-term and patient investment strategy, we can best secure a solid foundation for our future. Our long-term view, and not being dependent on financial institutions, enables us to be patient and invest in both good times and more challenging times,” says Søren Hansen, CEO of Interogo Holding AG.

Nalka Invest, with a portfolio of companies within industrials, services and retail, increased their sales by 45% following business development and the acquisition of new companies. The European real estate business, primarily managed by the Vastint Group, recorded a consolidated organic growth in rental income of 22%. In addition, the non-listed portfolio performed well in 2017.

The overall net capital expenditure during 2017 amounted to EUR 400 m in real estate development (land and construction). The Vastint Group real estate portfolio now accounts for 1 015 Tsqm of rentable space, with around 600 Tsqm of offices, hotels and residential properties under various phases of development around Europe.

The 2017 financial results include a dividend of EUR 1 500 m received from Inter IKEA Holding BV, a sister company in which Interogo Holding AG owns a participation giving a right to dividends. The net profit for the year amounted to EUR 1 816 m.

Key figures consolidated (under Lux GAAP) 1 Jan. - 31 Dec. 

Numbers in brief, EUR million



Operating income



Operating result (EBIT)



Net Profit (attributable to shareholders of the parent company)

1 816


Total Assets

18 270

16 929

Shareholder’s equity (including the year’s result)

8 191

6 342

The Interogo Holding AG Annual Report 2017 can be ordered on the Interogo Holding website.