Ingvar Kamprad has passed away

The founder of IKEA, one of the great entrepreneurs of our time, Ingvar Kamprad passed away peacefully at his home in Småland, Sweden on Saturday night (Jan 27) surrounded by his closest family.

Ingvar Kamprad was born in 1926 in Älmhult, Småland, Sweden. He grew up on the farm Elmtaryd in Agunnaryd parish. At the early age of five Ingvar started selling matches to neighbors. At 17 he founded IKEA, selling items such as pens and wallets. In 1948 furniture was included in the IKEA range and ten years later the first IKEA store opened in Älmhult. During the eighties Ingvar retired from his executive positions after having established three separate groups of companies; Inter IKEA Group, IKEA Group and Ikano Group.

Ingvar served as board member of Inter IKEA Group until 2013. At that time, Inter IKEA Group consisted of both the IKEA related operation and the investment business. Ingvar contributed greatly up until his passing, by sharing his vast knowledge and reinforcing the IKEA values.

Ingvar’s greatest driving force was always the vision of a better everyday life for the many people. His leadership and personality will continue to inspire and guide us; his thriftiness, his cost consciousness, his hard work, his drive for simplification and the eagerness to do things a different way. The twinkle in his eye and his belief in togetherness will be fondly remembered.

”Ingvar himself was living proof that no method is more effective than the good example, and he leaves a unique heritage. His commitment to the companies he founded was never ceasing, along with his engagement for the many people, customers, co-workers and suppliers and their families.” says Søren Hansen, CEO of Interogo Holding.

Ingvar is mourned by his four children with families and his many many friends within and outside IKEA.

Link to Inter IKEA, Ingka and Ikano common press release