ABB E-mobility added to the Long-Term Equity portfolio

IH Long-Term Equity Advisors announces that a minority investment in ABB E-mobility has been added to Interogo Holding’s long-term equity portfolio.

IH Long-Term Equity Advisors leads the long-term equity strategy of Interogo Holding. The strategy is to invest in significant equity holdings in profitable and sustainable European companies that have strong market positions and show potential for the future.

On 21 November, an agreement to acquire a minority position in ABB E-mobility was signed

About the transaction
For additional information about the transaction, please read press information from the main shareholder ABB here.

About IH Long-Term Equity Advisors
IH Long-Term Equity Advisors was established in 2020 in Stockholm and is the long-term equity team of Interogo Holding group. IH Long-Term Equity Advisors targets both listed and unlisted minority positions. The long-term equity investments are managed by Inter Fund Management and advised by IH Long-Term Equity Advisors.
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