Information from Interogo Holding AG regarding internal sale transaction of H&M shares

Interogo Holding AG has decided to transfer its H&M shares through a sale transaction from IH Capital HC1 AB (Sweden) to Inter Long-Term Capital SA (Luxembourg). Both entities are wholly owned by Interogo Holding AG.

The aim of the share transfer is to build on Interogo Holding’s asset management platform and competence in Luxembourg. The transfer of shares was done on 28 May with closing on 2 June. The share price was set at the closing price of the Stockholm stock exchange on the day of the transaction, 28 May.

The transfer of H&M shares does not change Interogo Holding’s view on H&M as an asset. We still believe it is a good long-term financial investment, as part of our new long-term equity strategy and overall asset management of Interogo Holding AG.