Numbers in brief, EUR million2018 2017 
Operating income1 029972
Operating result (EBIT)452394
Net Profit (attributable to shareholders of the parent company)8621 816
Total Assets21 27318 270
Shareholder’s equity (including the year’s result)9 0238 191


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Preamble text Interogo Holding is a foundation-owned investment group. Our investment strategies include private and long-term equities, real estate, infrastructure and financial investments.

Regular text Since May 2016, the structure of Inter IKEA Group has changed and the business has been divided into two separate groups: one group for the IKEA related business and one group for the investment business. The two groups have separate holding companies, boards and management.

Smaller text soren Hansen is the CEO of Interogo Holding AG, as well as a board member of several companies within the Interogo Foundation. Previous work experience includes a long career within IKEA, both as CFO and as deputy CEO (2007-2012) as well as the CEO of Inter IKEA (2012-2016).



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“Despite a more complex market environment compared to 2017, Interogo Holding AG businesses have continued to deliver solid results. Our various investment businesses have taken advantage of a favourable window of opportunity in 2018 to successfully divest some of their investments. We have continued to steadily and carefully invest in our different asset classes, as we still have a positive outlook for our long-term investment strategy”, says Søren Hansen, CEO of Interogo Holding AG.


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Key figures consolidated 1 Jan. – 31 Dec.

Numbers in brief, EUR million  20182019
Operating income  1028 1028
Operating result (EBIT) 452 452
Net Profit  862 862
Total Assets 21273 21273
Shareholder’s equity  90239023