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2012 Inter IKEA Group Annual Report released

The 2012 Inter IKEA Group Annual Report has today been released and can be ordered on the Group website. 

The report shows that the franchise fee revenue increase in 2012 for the Franchise Division was in line with that of the previous year, excluding positive currency effects. The remaining divisions also showed somewhat better results compared to the year before. Overall the investments continued according to plan. 

“We’re happy that the IKEA franchisees were able to meet the home furnishing needs of the many people also in an economic downturn. Going forward we don’t take anything for granted, and know that the list of improvements is endless. We need to conduct our business in a long-term, sustainable way and continue to create our own opportunities”, says Sören Hansen, CEO, Inter IKEA Group. 

The purpose of Inter IKEA Group is to secure continuous improvement and a long life of the IKEA concept. As this will require investments in both good and bad times we strive to be financially independent. 

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