Interogo Holding AG

Responsibility & Sustainability

Our business is guided by our values and our Småland legacy to make the best possible use of the limited resources available. 

Caring for people and planet is essential to Interogo Holding. We have a long-term perspective in our business. For us there is no contradiction between profitability and responsibility. On the contrary, we believe responsibility and profitability go hand in hand.   

Acting in a way that creates trust among stakeholders is essential for long-term profitability, and we can only ensure our ability to take long-term responsibility by being profitable. We strive to create shared value in relation to our stakeholders.

Our business model is decentralised, and we believe decisions should be made as close to reality as possible. Each business has far-reaching responsibility for their own operations, including ensuring good sustainable practices.

Vastint Group

Sustainability is at the core of Vastint’s daily operations. For instance, societal concerns are central at the planning stage, remediation of polluted sites is prioritized, and buildings are constructed using efficient solutions and supplies which are evaluated based on long-term impact. All new buildings and refurbishments within Vastint shall have an environmental certification, preferably according to internationally recognized certification systems.


Inter Fund Management SA (IFM) evaluates its investments not only based on sound financial criteria, but also on policies developed to weigh in environmental, societal and governance (ESG) factors. Depending on asset class and management form, IFM has a dynamic framework for how to address and approach ESG factors in all its investments.

The International team (IFM’s team dedicated to International SIF SICAV SA) has aligned investment processes and routines with the set structure of IFM, ensuring viable long-term sustainable investments. In addition, the International team has separate ESG procedures supporting its investments to develop towards becoming sustainable businesses.

Nalka Invest

Nalka Invest develops companies with the ambition to help them become independent, competitive and profitable long-term. In this ambition, corporate responsibility is a key success factor. To secure focus, Nalka Invest has a formalized process for screening and evaluating ESG factors during the full investment cycle; for new investments, during ownership and for divestments.

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