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Please be aware, the Annual Reports of Inter IKEA Holding SA are for the Inter IKEA Group before the 2016 structural changes were made.

For the Annual Reports of Inter IKEA Holding B.V. and the new Inter IKEA Group, please visit the Inter IKEA Group website.

Changed structure in 2016

The structure of Inter IKEA Group was changed in May 2016. There are now two separate groups, each with their own holding company, board and management. Inter IKEA Holding B.V. in the Netherlands is the holding company of the IKEA related businesses. Interogo Holding AG in Switzerland is the holding company of the investment businesses.

The change was made to enhance business focus and efficiency. This will also increase simplicity and transparency towards our stakeholders.

Before the change, Inter IKEA Holding SA in Luxembourg was the parent company of Inter IKEA Group. In May 2016, the company transferred its seat to Switzerland and changed name to Interogo Holding AG. In addition, Inter IKEA Systems Holding B.V. in the Netherlands, changed name to Inter IKEA Holding B.V. and became the parent company of the new Inter IKEA Group.

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