Interogo Holding AG

Non-Listed Equity

We strive to build relationships and partnerships with businesses and entrepreneurs with a long-term business view. We are a committed investor in private companies through direct and indirect investments. These investments are structured through interests in investment funds and co-investments together with fund managers and entrepreneurs or through direct controlling/co-controlling shareholdings in mid-sized companies.

These activities are carried out through IFM and Nalka Invest. 

IFM (Inter Fund Management SA) is an Alternative Investment Fund Manager regulated in Luxembourg. On behalf of the Interogo Holding AG Group, IFM is managing a portfolio of non-listed assets. This portfolio is held through International SIF SICAV SA, an Alternative Investment Fund focused essentially on indirect investments in private companies through funds and similar investments vehicles.

This portfolio is advised and managed by a dedicated team with special skill sets within IFM and via its branches in Belgium and the UK. A separate team within IFM also manage Financial Investments. 

Nalka Invest AB is a Swedish investment firm focusing on acquiring controlling and co-controlling participation in small and medium size companies in the Nordic region

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